Garden Museum

Tour of the Garden Museum

For a view of the interior please choose a room from the list or click on a room in one of the plans.



Plan of Fantaisie Palace, ground floor

Café Room 1 - Garden design through the ages Room 2 - Formal gardens and landscape gardens Room 3 - Garden sculpture in the 18th century Room 4 - Garden sculpture in the 19th century Room 5 - Water in gardens Room 6 - Buildings in gardens Room 7 - Bayreuth Gardens

Bild: Plan of Fantaisie Palace (ground floor)


Plan of Fantaisie Palace, first floor

Room 8 - Literature on garden design Room 9 - Clients, designers and gardeners Room 10 - Garden tools Room 11 - Flowers in the garden Room 12 - Fruit and vegetables Room 13 - Orangeries and palm houses Room 14 - Friederike Sophie Room 15 - Fantaisie Palace through the ages Room 16 - White Hall Room 17 - Garden furniture and ornaments Room 18 - Festivities and games in the garden Room 19 - Monastery, bourgeois and farm gardens Room 20 - Public gardens Spindler Cabinet

Bild: Plan of Fantaisie Palace (first floor)

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