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Spindler Cabinet


Picture: The Spindler Cabinet

The most magnificent room in Fantaisie Palace was the marquetry cabinet completed in 1765 by the Spindler brothers, one of the finest examples of the Bavarian rococo style. The cabinet was altered several times over the next 150 years; in 1791 it was removed and sold, in 1793 it was repurchased and in 1937 it was finally sold to a private owner in America. Via the municipal museum in St Louis, Missouri, three walls and the floor eventually came into the possession of the Bavarian National Museum in Munich.

Installation of the cabinet in its original location in Fantaisie Palace was ruled out by a combination of conservation and legal factors. In response to public demand, the Bavarian Palace Administration thus had an elaborate copy made using 18th-century techniques, which has been on display in the west wing of the palace since summer 2000.

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